[AMRadio] Re: Value of Homebrew Rigs,

Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Thu Jul 6 19:48:46 EDT 2006

Almost the same effect to a much lesser degree with the BC610.

Guys are restoring beaters that I would have parted out.

The E model I have had for 11 years was acquired for very little.

And wow, have you seen prices for 100THs?



--- Deric Affleck <daffleck at auracom.com> wrote:

> Brian,
> The difference is in the name: "Cawlins"! And also the fact there were only 
> 150 + 2 prototypes without serial numbers makes  a big difference to serious 
> collectors  - law of supply and demand! One time you couldn't give a KW-1 
> away except to those who could read the future and knew thar was gold in 
> that thar iron!
> Deric, VY2DA 
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