[AMRadio] Re: WRL Globe King 500C rebuild

DLe9480907 at aol.com DLe9480907 at aol.com
Thu Jul 6 20:01:42 EDT 2006

Hello to all . well have gotten around to trying to restore my king that  was 
salvaged from a basement flood. the PS and Modulator are gone but the RF  
Deck is rehabbed and working great on caw with an out board globe vfo or xtal.  
The question now is will my new 2000vdc @600ma power supply be ok to power the  
modulator also? and was wondering about the modulator. I have a Stancor A3898 
 300 watt vari match mod xformer and was wondering about Tubes I have a good  
supply of 813 (Triode connected) or 572b. what do youall think Thanks Darryl  

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