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W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Tue Jul 11 17:49:49 EDT 2006

Radio Station W5AMI wrote:

> On 7/11/06, W5OMR/Geoff <w5omr at satx.rr.com> wrote:
>> So are we, Brian.  There's never a day goes by that we don't standby for
>> some suck... er, 'new station' who wants to come into our QSO and get
>> their IQ lowered.   ;-)
>> Hurry every chance you get, but be above all, be safe.
> Oh I plan to Geoff.  You guys scare me real bad!  ;)  

Oh, yeah.. don't forget to bring your Geritol ;-)

> I have refrained from getting on 3890 with JDU and others in the 
> morning since _they_  would _really_ make me feel as if I was a total 
> moron since they know so much about operating AM from the CB days and 
> how to get "the fire in the wire".  Wish I could 'figger' that one out...

Don't get me started.  There's a guy running around 50 to 75w into a 
400w solid state amplifier.  He just can't be told that he's broad and 
splattering, let alone sound distorted, even when you're *on* his frequency.

> Let's just say, I try not to think about that it too much.  I see you 
> don't frequent that "channel" too much either.  Anyway, 'nuf said
> about that.  Catch on AM soon.

Nah.  I'm not smart enough to stay up there.  Like you, I feel like they 
think they are the 'experts', and unless you're part of the 'clique', 
you don't belong.  You are made to feel that way, too. 

I eye-witnessed one of the guys tune his transmitter into a dummy load, 
and then flipped over to the antenna, through the tuner, and adjusted 
the tuner for flat swr, and didn't bother to re-tune the final.  There's 
so much reactance in feed line, regardless of what kind you're running.. 
I couldn't -not- re-dip the plate of the xmtr, for fear of it being out 
of resonance.  But, then again, we're talking about 3.890.  No, I don't 
frequent that 'channel' often.

Don't get me wrong.  Most of the people there are salt-of-the-earth and 
would do whatever they could for you.  Just don't get into a technical 
discussion with (most of) 'em, unless you just 'want' to be discouraged.

This is the same group that fires up on 3.890, knowing full well that 
there's a SSB QSO, in progress, on 3.892, and then wonders why someone 
is upset at 'em.  *shrug*.

I know, I know... it's no different than them snot-nosed bunch of 
operators on 3.878 firing up a SSB QSO, just to bitch about the noisy 
and wide (in their expanded, hi-fi SSB receiver that's set for 12kHz 
wide) AM'ers on 3.880.  Whatcha gonna do?  So, what's the difference, 
you say, in the AM'ers firing up close to the SSB'ers on 3.892 and the 
SSB'ers firing up on 3.878 near the AM'ers? 
My experience, AM operators, in general, are more 'gentlemanly' about 
their operation.  We (most of us) still believe in -real radio- 
operation.  Ya got a grip on that?  C'mawn!   ;-)

There *are* some good and decent stations that frequent the 3.890 AM 
Swap net on Saturday mornings.  There's even some decent gear from time 
to time.

>   PS:  Have you heard any news about Paul's (N5DUP) wife? 

I haven't.  Check with Tony/W5OD.  He and Paul are in better contact than I.

Driving your AM Rig without a scope, 
is like driving your car at night, without headlights. (K4KYV)

73 = Best Regards,

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