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Tue Jul 11 23:46:35 EDT 2006

Kind of like a friend who traded in a 1957 Chevy on a new 1965 Corvair.
                               Joe W4AAB
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> Donald Chester wrote:
> >
> > I recall in the 1980's, before they started to bring in such big bux,
> > there must have been over a dozen KW-1's on the air regularly.
> I know one prior owner in the Milwaukee area who traded his KW-1 for a
> house-painting job.  I asked him why and he said "I needed the house
> painted" ;-)  This was back in the 70s when all he figured if it was
> just useful for CW or as a linear, he could do that with a much smaller
> Yeah, he's still kicking himself!
> 73 Bob W9RAN
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