[AMRadio] FS: R-48, TBX Key, HP 6438B, National 1-10, Literature,

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Jul 11 14:48:13 EDT 2006

For Sale: BA Miscellany and Literature. All prices plus shipping unless noted.


Hallicrafters R-48 speaker. All original. No holes. Nice looking except for some nicotine which Gojo will take off easily. This is the one with the VOICE/FIDELITY slide switch in the rear upper corner. It should clean up to excellent condition. $59


Military WWII USMC TBX transmitter key. This is the one that clips onto the 2 studs on top of the TBX cabinet--waterproofed in a rubber boot. The rubber is in good, pliable condition. Nice shape. $69 plus $8 US FRB mailing.


T/R tubes. These were used in RADAR systems like BC-961 to switch off the receiver while the transmitter was sending it’s pulses. I’m not sure how they did this. They are small glass cylinders with 2 elements that look like fixed vacuum caps. Westinghouse 1B32/532A. 4 available, 3 NOSB. $5 each or 4 for $15 plus $8 US FRB mailing.


Jennings JCS 500 fixed vacuum cap, 3 inches diameter, 5 inches long with mounting flanges. 15,000 volt rating. I assume the “500” in the model number means 500 mmf. Brand new in the original military packaging dated 5/63. $49


Aircraft Radio Corp. Power Unit Type P-12. This is a dynamotor mount and connection point for the gray post-war command set radios. $19 plus $8 US FRB mailing.


HP 6438B rack mount variable power supply. 0-60V at 0-5A both regulated. All solid state. 3.5 inch high rack mount. Output connections front and rear. Top quality supply working perfectly. $69 Weighs 40 pounds.


Wire wrap stuff. This is a plastic seamstress’s box with 3 spools of wire wrap wire, 10 different sizes of wire wrap IC sockets, a wire wrap tool, some wire wrap studs for PC board mounting and other bits and sundry for wire wrap projects. $10/all plus $8 US FRB mailing.


HAL ST-5000 Teletype TU in excellent looking and working condition. $45


National 1-10 receiver parts units. I have 2 of these, both of which have had the PW dial and gearbox removed. One has the chart frame missing. The other has the dial pointer missing. They have clean paint and are clean inside. With original knobs. One has a set of coils in it. The other has none. One has a plug on the end of the cloth power cord, the other doesn’t. One has all the tubes, the other doesn’t. Neither one has the bottom cover. Both have the original National audio transformer. One has a gray chassis and has been MFP’ed--I think it is ex-military. The other has a black chassis and is not MFP’ed. Anyway, these would make a great foundation for a one-tube 2-tube or 3-tube HF regen receiver. You could even use the original National audio transformer. The power supply would probably have to be external--or very small. Your HF dial could cover up the hole for the PW dial. There’s three other controls and one toggle switch that you could probably re-use ion your regenny. $60 for both parts sets. 


NOS HoldFast Waxed Lacing No. 6-4 cord, Ludlow manufacturing. Package of NOS lacing cord probably 50 years old or more. It doesn’t give the length but it must be 3-500 feet or more. Typically used to lace wiring and short cable runs for military gear and well-made commercial gear. $7




Tektronix Vertical Amplifier Circuits book by Bob Orwiler, Tektronix paperback, 1969, about 500 pages. More than you ever wanted to know about ‘scope vertical amplifiers. Both tube and solid state designs are covered. $19


ARRL Hints and Kinks Volume 2, 1937. This is in excellent original condition with a nick or two at the cover edges, but otherwise very clean. $12


73 Magazine, 1963  and 1966 Surplus Issues. Great references, Good shape. $2/both


National VFO-62 promotional card. This is a 5x7 card with a color pic of this VFO filling one side and a features list on the other. Excellent condition. $4


Globe electronics brochure set. 4 double-sided, 2-color pages cover the Globe Chief Deluxe, Pocketphone, Mobiline Six, and a page with the full ham gear line--Globe King 500C, Scout, Hi-Bander, etc. These pages show some slight fading at the edges but are otherwise nice. $9/all.


Slurzberg and Osterheld, Essentials of Electricity--Electronics, 3rd ed., 1965, McGraw-Hill hardback, 650 pages, excellent shape. Math and theory. $7


Slurzberg and Osterheld, Essentials of Communications Electronics, 3rd ed., 1973, McGraw-Hill hardback, 800 pages, excellent shape. Lots of radio circuits and circuit analysis. Probably designed as a practical application companion to the book above. $7


Byron Kretzman, The New RTTY Handbook, Cowan paperback, 1965, the classic and essential RTTY bible for mechanical Teletype machine users. Some wear and yellowing of spine. $7


Jim Fisk, Parametric Amplifiers, 73 Magazine, 1964, 71 page paperback. $2


IRC resist-o-guide translates resistor color codes into the actual resistor values by turning the 3 little dials. 1963. Excellent. $2


Hugo Gernsback, Radio and TV Test Instruments, Gernsback paperback, 1953, 130 pages. A book of test gear projects. GDO, ‘scope, VTVM, RLC Bridge and lots more. Well-done. Interesting projects. Nice shape. $8


Ed Bukstein, Basic Servomechanisms, Hole Rinehart hardback, 200 pages, 1963. Clear, practical text covering tube and solid state servo control circuits. Many diagrams and pics. Excellent condition--some underlining in text. $8


Hickok Obsolete Tube Type Test Data for Models 6000, 6000A and 6005. Covers coming apart at spine. Covers dirty. $8


Hickok European Tube Types Test Data for Models 6000-6000A and 6005. Dated 5-1-63. No covers. 11 pages. $8


Hickok Test data chart set. This is a bunch of about 40 loose pages with covers which have split and the pages have all become disorganized. You will need to sort the pages and re-assemble this thing. As-is. $5.


Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT


Next up: VOMs, DMMs and old test gear.
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