[AMRadio] Re: Value of Homebrew RIgs

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 10:03:21 EDT 2006

On 7/14/06, Theo Bellamy <theo.bellamy at spirittelecom.com> wrote:
> Your forgot:
> 4) Rich old fart buys 6 KW1'a and puts them in his basement along with his 8
> Johnson 500s and his 12 Glob King 500s. They never get heard on the air
> again, and now there are 25 guys out in the world who might have been able
> to enjoy using one of them but can't because some greedy old fool has
> hoarded them away.

I actually had a conversation about this in private with Mr Knepper
yesterday. My issue is more the bragging about it that some do moreso
than how much somebody owns. I tend to avoid anything that involves
telling someone what they can or can't have, or that they should
redistribute their wealth. Too much like socialism. I'd rather someone
'hoard' (matter of opinion) stuff than be told what they can or cannot
have. There will always be someone who wants what someone else has,
and somehow feels entitled to it - whether they earned it or not.

The only thing I've been trying to say is using your gear is (IMHO) a
better way to move forward than simply using it as fodder for the next
'measuring contest'. It goes something like:

"I've got a 75A-4, KWS-1 and 3 S-Lines"

to which the reply is along the lines of:

"Well I've got 8 75A-4s in my garage along with 5 KWS-1s, one of each
S-Line made plus 3 spares of each, and 17..."

..and so on. The intent seems to be to place the significance on how
much of a big deal you are for having this stuff, instead of how well
it works or how much you enjoy using it. The end result has given
otherwise nice gear some bad press it doesn't deserve.

There's a lot of gear hanging around my place, but I avoid keeping
multiples of an item. To me, the point is to use and experience the
performance of a piece of gear. If I don't like it, it goes to a new
owner and I put the money into something else to try. Trading is handy
for this.

It's hard to imagine getting your ya-yas out of having ten examples of
the same item, but to each his own. Most BA folks enjoy talking about
their gear and are proud of it - one item or twenty. Bragging about
having a dozen of one item to somehow impress people is just baffling,

I'm going to shut up now before someone slaps me.

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