[AMRadio] Collecting vs. Hoarding (was: Value of Homebrew RIgs)

Theo Bellamy theo.bellamy at spirittelecom.com
Fri Jul 14 10:56:28 EDT 2006

Todd wrote:

"I tend to avoid anything that involves telling someone what they can or
can't have, or that they should redistribute their wealth."

I agree absolutely. I would never support prohibition against collecting --
even when it mutates into hoarding -- nor would I support any sort of forced
redistribution of anyone's wealth. But, I certainly claim the right to
question the motives or even the sanity of someone who behaves as I
described in my previous post (the lighthearted nature of which I hope
showed through without the need for smiley faces).

If a guy wants to fill his house up with Pez dispensers, or baseball caps,
or whatever, that's his business. When does collecting become hoarding? It a
guys wants a pristine example of every piece of gear that Collins ever made,
and sets out to acquire them, that is great. More power to him. On the other
hand, if a guy set out to purchase every piece of Collins gear he can find,
which then disappear into his basement never to be seen or heard again
(until he croaks, as a John pointed out), I don't think that is fine. I
think it is indicative of mental health issues, and it is harmful to the
"hobby within a hobby" of collecting old ham rigs as it keeps other folks
from being able to participate. There is an unlimited supply of Pez
dispensers, but there is a very limited supply of old radios. If there
weren't, then a 75A4 would still sit all day in the hot sun at a hamfest
with a yellow sticky on it that says '$100 OBO'.

Just my opinion - if you feel I have stepped on anyone's toes, that's ok. I
probably did. If you have ten John Valiants in your basement I think you
should sell some of them. But while I sure wouldn't support you being forced
to sell them, I reserve my right to question your actions - in a gentlemanly
and lighthearted manner, of course. This is a hobby, afterall. It is
supposed to be fun.

Theo K4MO

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