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What a coincidence. 
I just had a customer in my computer shop yesterday telling me "her tell of
woe" all and about her conversation with Frank in New Deli.  Some of these
guys are actually pretty smart and some just read from a clip board as is
the case even here in the US as well.  The biggest problem occurs when Frank
can't understand Texacan, Valley, or South Louisianaion  

John, WA5BXO

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	and talking over the Internet to the Central Engineering Control 
in Omaha or Mexico City or Bangalore.....

[ Ooooh - 'outsourced' transmitter engineering...  " 'Allo Saar, dees ees 
"Fraaank", I am to be your maintenaance enju-neer for today's emergency. I 
am vary saary for de incon-wenience.  Now, on de screen, vhat does de 
Error Dialouge say currently..." ]

End Excerpts:

  Anyway, just my 200 milliDollar for a Friday...


John  KB6SCO

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