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I did some troubleshooting on a brand new Dell desktop last year that was taking a long time to boot--and sometimes hanging and never booting. Come to find out that it was configured at the factory with the floppy disk as the first boot device--BUT NO FLOPPY DRIVE WAS INSTALLED! So it was hanging while it waited for the floppy to time out. So much for quality control...
73, Don M.

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	I had a bootup problem where the machine would see the hard drive,
	and I could boot from a floppy (I use Win2000 with FAT32, so a
	simple win98 boot disk can get me into the hard drive files) and
	the files were all there, but it just would not boot from the hard
	drive unless I kept retrying over and over, and then finally it
	would boot.
	I tried all kinds of things on the drive, but it turned out to be a
	conflict between the hard drive and the CD burner on the same IDE
	cable.  I removed the CD burner, and it was fine.  In my case, the
	CD drive used to work fine with the hard drive, and then this
	started happening.  Some day I'll see if the CD burner works on the
	other IDE cable, etc.
	  Bacon, WA3WDR
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