[AMRadio] Collecting vs. Hoarding (was: Value of Homebrew RIgs)

Anthony W. DePrato WA4JQS wa4jqs at mikrotec.com
Sat Jul 15 07:59:55 EDT 2006

Hi Geoff
i have two HT 37's also one is in the shop needs work but can be 
repaired. am 60 in Nov and decided 3 yrs ago that if i retired and 
worked 8 hrs a day restoring i would never get them all done so i 
some almost 300 units to a guy in N.C. and have been selling a few 
off here and there. down to maybe 25 or 30 units.
yes i have a Hernia from lifting all that stuff over the years hi hi..
drop by Somerset Ky sometime I will wheel it out to u but u load it hi hi..
73 Tony

At 10:24 PM 7/14/2006, you wrote:
>Anthony W. DePrato wrote:
>>ok i have 2 valiants and 3 ht 32's so who wants to buy these and 
>>come to ky and load them up.?
>>also have a few sx 62a's.
>That's a good lead to follow, Tony... I've got three HT-37's.  2 
>work, one is a parts donor (with the parts back in it, it'd work, too).
>I have three Halliscratcher SX-73's (R-274's).   I'll let -one- of 
>*those* go, but you gotta come to San Antonio, TX to get any of it.
>I'll haul any of the beasties out to your vehicle.  After that, it's 
>-your- hernia
>Driving your AM Rig without a scope, is like driving your car at 
>night, without headlights. (K4KYV)
>73 = Best Regards,
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