[AMRadio] Collecting vs. Hoarding (was: Value of Homebrew RIgs)

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sat Jul 15 11:23:51 EDT 2006

I will join in here with Tony, and say this "It ain't like that at all"!
However I have 1 HT-32 MK1, 2 HT32As and 2 HT32Bs, and I
will sell them each at a cost of 590.00 per unit, pickup only.

As we all are aware, good intentions don't do it, "money talks and
B.S. walks"! I find it very laudable that folks abhor people that spend
their money on what they want. Do what they want with the things they
buy, and when the individual, says give me this much and it's yours,

Back into the dungeon, for me.

"Quoted lines were left in to protect the innocent!"

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> At 11:08 AM 7/14/2006 -0400, Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:
>>On 7/14/06, Theo Bellamy <theo.bellamy at spirittelecom.com> wrote:
>>>Just my opinion - if you feel I have stepped on anyone's toes, that's ok. 
>>>probably did. If you have ten John Valiants in your basement I think you
>>>should sell some of them.
> ok i have 2 valiants and 3 ht 32's so who wants to buy these and come to 
> ky and load them up.?
> also have a few sx 62a's.
> 73 Tony
> wa4jqs

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