[AMRadio] Lever (Leaf Type) switches

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Jul 15 23:32:48 EDT 2006

Hi all...

Does anyone happen to have a few lever switches they would like to 
sell?  These are an older type used in the BTA-1R2.  The diminsions are 
about 1 1/8" X 1 3/8" X 4" long.  The leaf configurations are not 
critical as they can be modified to fit my needs.  However, they do need 
to all be momentary contact up and down with center rest.  The ones I am 
looking for are mounted by 4 small screws about 1 1/8" X 7/8" apart.  I 
have two that will work and if I can find two more of the same design 
I'm in business.  But, if I can't find any to match the ones I have I'll 
need four in all.  I've tried Surplus Sales of Nebraska and Fair Radio.  
Both have similar switches, but are not large enough.  The contacts need 
to be rated at 10 amps/110 volts.  I can send a picture if needed.  The 
manufacturer and part number are:  MOSSMAN RCA 4203-26P4.

Thanks for any help.


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