[AMRadio] Anyone Using Tek 5403/5440/5441 or Similar?

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Sun Jul 16 02:47:18 EDT 2006


I have several different versions of the 5000 series including the 5403.

    These are excellent scopes for just about an work in their bandwith. 
The large display and shorter cabinet depth make them very bench 
friendly. The manufacture is mostly mid 70s with few if any custom ICs 
or other devices.
    They can usually be obtained cheaply at Fests along with many usable 
plug ins. Even e-bay is fairly reasonable for a source of the P.I.s
though not seen as much as the bigger 7000 series.
    I have picked up several mainframes over the years for function or 
parts source with the most common problem being the primary P.S. Caps. 
Occasionaly a bridge rectifier. Usually an easy repair.
   I have most of the 5000 series doc's and they can also be found 
online from several sources free to download. Even the compiled CDs are 
a good deal if you have many of the series. I got most of my manuals at 
Fests years ago with a few needed from e-bay.
  The OEM parts #'s Cross Referenc is also available.
There have been more problems with the 7000 series units that I use 
than 5000 series by far.

With 1 of the 4 input 5A14N modules and one 50 mhz 2 input module 5A48, 
you can look at your RF from 2 points, (remote Antenna and receiver IF) 
and your audio from 4 points, speech amp output, off air sample, 
receiver audio, etc.

If my station ever gets set up and back on the air that is what my use 
will be for one of mine.

I currently use the 5110 1mhz BW for audio testing, mainly because of 
the 1KW local AM stations antenna being less than two miles away line 
of sight. It's around 1200 kc so just out of the passband. I can see 
the rf on the 5403 when using hi gain settings with audio servicing. 
The proximity of that station also limits the 160 meter receiver 

If you need any info short of a full manual copy please contact me off 
group. You have my e-mail.

Bill KB3DKS/1
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