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Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Sun Jul 16 11:20:10 EDT 2006

And your point is ???

--- John Lyles <jtml at losalamos.com> wrote:

> I recently had the opportunity to spend a few hours on the phone with
> Microslop's customer service, troubleshooting and fixing a stuck system that
> kept wanting to install the Office application on CD, even though I had a
> formerly well running copy. When I put the master disk in the drive, it would
> still ask for it, and was stuck on this for as long as I tried to reboot,
> even uninstalled and reinstalled Office (Excel, Word and Powerpoint are the
> three apps that I use the most at work on PC). The first person to answer was
> in the East somewhere (maybe India?), and his accent and mine didn't work
> well, as I was having to give him the key number off the disk - that really
> long string of numbers and letters separated by hyphens. Finally this first
> line answerer forwarded me to Nova Scotia where I got a professional, who
> spent most of the time on the line, working through various attempts at
> correcting the boo boo. I commented about that silly message that always
> incorrectly gives
> remaining time it will take to install something, and he laughed and said
> don't pay it any attention. Eventually we got down to the registry being
> corrupted, so we removed all of the references to Microslop Office, and
> rebooted, and it fixed the problem.
> Pray that their next generation WINDOZE and application software are more
> stable. Meanwhile I use the Mac OS 10.4 for most important work, and save the
> PC for webbrowsing and a few dedicated applications to DOS. 
> 73
> John
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