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Thank You!  Very nice information !
  I had not realized that the ducting effects were that low in 
   From looking at the charts it would seem that what I have been 
observing has been from a combination of the weather conditions and the 
thermal effects produced by the two N/S mountain ridges that in the 
afternoon have a sunlit west side with corresponding updraft
and an east side with downdraft.
   If you look at a TOPO map of the North Adams MA area, it can be seen 
that the elevation drops from from both east and west mountains down to 
the Stations locations in Albany NY along the Hudson and Northampton MA 
along the Connecticut river to the SW.
   Now I do not know where the transmitting towers are located as there 
is probably some bending going on as well as thermal ducting.
The height and sharpness of the natural valley inversion layer here 
must also come into play as well.
   While my computer certainly is not powerfull enough to run any 3-D 
simulation software it would be interesting to know if there is a 
program to model the conditions in a 3-D form as the geographical 
features here are somewnat unique. Just south west is Mt Graylock at 
almost 3500ft but my elevation close to the valley floor, is only 800 
ft or less and in major shadow for the Albany Station.

Very Interesting!
Thanks Again!
Bill  KB3DKS/1

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Take a look here may give some insight as to what conditions were 
73 SD 

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