[AMRadio] Interesting FM Bcast Propagation

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Sun Jul 16 19:19:14 EDT 2006

Hello K0NG !
  Don't think we have worked on 75 or 40 but have heard you before.
Just able to listen for the last couple years since moving from PA to 
MA and nowhere here to put the dipole or for that matter, any
tuned antenna up.
   I have been a SWL since a kid in the 60s using an old console that 
had the shortwave bands.
My life went other ways but finally got my General with code in 99 
before the changes.
   Don't have the gear for much vhf/uhf activity other than the usual 2 
mtr mobile and really not much use for those bands down here in the 
boxed valley. The northern direction is about a 250ft a mile rise up to 
the Vermont line 10 min away.
   Have been seriously thinking about going to the top of the westward 
mt., where there is a public area and the Applachian trail runs along 
the ridge, and string a wire up for the AF67 or 68 transmitter with an 
inverter. Maybe even the FT101.  On the other hand, a yagi or similiar 
directional antenna would sure be interesting to rotate around.
   This location is only 15 min away but never seem to have the time to 
get up there.

The Tropo behavior is very familiar to me from a lot lower Frq 
experience in outside live Sound reinfocement.
   In this situation the thermal differences going into evening have 
caused low frequencies to travel miles and be heard in a town 5 miles 
down valley. At the same time the high frq energy is absorbed by the 
cooler moist air.
   A funny example of this was at a small Country Club show on the top 
of a 500 ft or more hill directly across the Susquahanna
River from a high rise apt building. Once the late afternoon thermal 
built up over the river the low frqs were skimming over this line of 
and rattling the windows of the hi rise maybe a mile away as the crow 
flies . The town police who received the complaint could not handle
this and had to refer to the State Police who couldn't believe that 
this was happening. It was funny ! The officer had difficulty 
explaining the complaint to me. You could not hear anything at street 
level below the hi rise even.

Anyway, have always wanted to live close to a mountain top and take 
advantage of the natural hight advantage

Out in your area the unhindered 360 degree reception area must present 
some interesting correlations with storms and other tropo influencing 
conditions. Kind of like hearing a mirage.

Bill   KB3DKS/1
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