[AMRadio] North Hills Hamfest, Pittsburgh

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Jul 17 10:34:12 EDT 2006

I guess I should say something about the North Hills hamfest here in Pittsburgh. This was Sunday July 9th in the Northland Public Library parking lot, which sits on a pretty hilltop and is a fine location for a hamfest. If your club is looking for a summer hamfest location and the library is closed on Sundays, you should check with them. It has worked out great over the years for the North Hills club here in Pittsburgh.
Another neat thing about this hamfest is that since the location is free, the club charges no fees to sellers or buyers--you just walk in like you owned the place. The club has raffles, sells donated stuff at a club table and farms out the food concession to a local Boy Scount troop. It's all very clean and simple. But it's also pretty small, with maybe 30 sellers and 250-400 attendees this year.
Boatanchors were lightly represented. I only saw a couple
-- a Hallicrafters Sky Buddy S-19 with unoriginal hole in the front panel for $95
-- Fisher and Eico Williamson tube amps for $75--$250
-- Swan 240 with original PS and nice looking for $200--didn't sell
-- Drake TR-4 with PS/Spkr for $175 sold
-- Ten Tec Hercules amp for $550 with PS but missing cables
-- Very cool red RCA flag about 2 by 3 feet with RCA meatball and Radio Tubes sign--$100
-- Various odd tube testers for $25-$50
-- Vibroplex bugs $75 each
-- Horn speaker $45
The club table had a ton of parts which they sold at giveaway prices. I picked up some great 4-8-12MF 2000VDC oil caps, a huge NOSB choke, box of RF chokes, knobs, neutralizing caps, connectors and the other usual suspects for $20. I also bought the previously-mentioned unworking Tek 5403 with 3 plug-ins and all the manuals for $20 (couldn't pass it up) and a Heathkit SB-whatever station console parts unit for $5. I foolishly spent $5 on an old Jackson tube tester with a wooden cabinet that is in pieces. I am determined to fix that thing.
I had the remains/dregs of 2 estates with me and sold maybe $100 worth of loose small items at 50 cents and $1 each. The E.H. Scott SLR-F that I have been dragging around to hamfests for $125 still did not sell.  
All the local hamfest regulars were there including the couple that sells stuff and also plays accordian--they played the theme from the Godfather among other tunes. It was a pretty, sunny day and a good time was had by all wo came.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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