[AMRadio] Vac Variable

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed Jul 19 21:11:03 EDT 2006

I am pretty green when it comes to vacuum variables, so instead of 
making my usual mistakes and regretting them later I thought I'd ask 
first.  I have a Jennings 1500pf @ 10 KV capacitor with flanges on front 
and back.  Unfortunately, the shaft is ever so slightly bent (it was 
this way when I got it) and I'd like to straighten it before I motorize 
the capacitor.  My questions are:

Is this shaft removable?

Is the front flange removable?

If either of the above are "yes" then how?

I don't want to pop a seal or worse the glass!  By the way, it's a 
UCSXF-1500.  Thanks for any and all help.


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