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TChesek at Epix.Net tchesek at epix.net
Fri Jul 21 14:27:13 EDT 2006


It's bad enough to loose your job but an INSULT to have to train your
replacement. They probably tied your severance to staying to the end and
doing the training. At least when I was laid off from IBM we were given a
month to try to find another position within IBM, although with 14,000
loosing their jobs that year I doubt that it ever happened. My manager
allowed those of us being released to continue to use company assets such as
our laptop and office space if desired, but did not require us to report to
work. He felt that company was obligated to give us a head start on our job
search. Good luck in whatever you do whether it be retirement or another
position somewhere else. My layoff was the best thing to happen to me in one
way...I finally took the time to become a Ham, something that I thought that
I would do for many years but never got around to doing.


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