[AMRadio] fs: Delta ASM-1

I COLLECT TRAINS dr_johnnie_fever at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 22 16:27:31 EDT 2006

Hi all,

$1000.00 Shipped Con-US via UPS Ground Insured and professionally boxed by
UPS Store. It's in full operating condition and has come out of service less
than a month ago from a 1160khz station in lehighton, pa
I have seen it personally when i was there with their CE who is a friend of
mine. Don't pass this up, get a $7000.00 peice of equipment for $1k can't
beat that even if recalibration is needed which i would say it probably
doesn't need. although this is a stereo monitor it works with mono tranny's
and will simultaniously monitor negative and positive peaks on mono systems.

I should have it here this week and will supply pic's any interested buyers

Thank You,

Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis

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