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Sat Jul 22 17:37:16 EDT 2006

OK... I'll add my $.02 in:

Don't use the UPS store. Or if you do, tell them EXACTLY how you want it
packed and stand there and watch them do it. Don't trust them to follow your
orders.  Or... Pack it yourself. If you have to stand there and tell tehm
each little step, why not just do it yourself.

Pretty much any radio at all should be double-boxed. Not a bad idea to
remove the tubes, or at least stuff a few pieces of bubble-wrap in there to
keep them from popping-out. Then wrap the entire radio in bubble-wrap. Tape
securely. Then wrap in the opposite direction with bubble wrap. Total
thickness should now be at least a couple of inches. You want to make the
bubble wrap fit the box snugly, so often you want to end up with a
rectangular assy that fits in to the box. Tape this box well, but don't go
crazy. Now take a larger box that supplies a good 3-4 inches in each
dimension. Put some peanuts in there. Drop in box#1. Fille remaining voids
with peanuts. There should be 3-4 inches in EVERY dimension around the inner
box. Tape the outer box up tight.

If the radio is heavy use thickwall boxes that have 3/8" thick or so walls.
Use the packing tape that has fiberglass threads running through it. If a
box has particularly long/large walls, reinforce them with pices of carboard
cut to fit and glued in place.

You may need to get creative to find packaing materials. And your customers
may need to pay a little more for shipping if they want their item to be in
one piece when it arrives. If done correctly you can drop this package from
a height of 5-6 feet with NO damage. If the radio is heavy, say > 70 or
80lbs you need to go even heavier. Over 100lbs really needs crating. You
take the double-boxes I just described and you put that inside a playwood
box you constructed. That box needs to be build well and reinforced.

It's not that hard but you have to understand a bit about the physics of
what happens when your package gets tossed around. I've shipped some pretty
heavy items around the world and have NEVER had one damged in the slightest.
I consistently get high marks from my customers for how I package their
items. It just takea a little care and thought. I'd be glad to answer any
questions that you have on specific items.


Mark W1EOF

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