[AMRadio] Free Packing Material

w4wsz at earthlink.net w4wsz at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 22 18:04:50 EDT 2006

My three cents worth........

Go to any carpet store and ask for scrap padding.  You can usually come
away with several very large sections.

Wrap the equipment in a single layer of plastic wrap to keep carpet padding
dust out.

Wrap the equipment with the carpet padding until it has atleast 6 layers of
wrap.  Turn the unit 90 degrees and repeat the process.

Get a shipping carton from U-Haul that will allow the equipment to fit
snug.  You should now have about 12 inches of solid foam padding around the

Total cost about six bucks unless you can get a box for free.........

I have been shipping broadcast equipment this way for years and never a

Good Luck


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