[AMRadio] fs: Delta ASM-1

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat Jul 22 21:21:38 EDT 2006

I have done what you guys suggest here and it can work properly if packed 
properly.  But my problem is that it is a 60 mile round trip from my house 
to either a HD or Lowe's.  So I improvise as best possible.  I have a 
computer store here and for heavy stuff such as complete transmitters and 
receivers I beg the computer monitor boxes.  The ones for the 21 inch are 
best.  Then liberal amounts of bubble wrap, also available locally, then 
tape each seam and you have it made.

The problem that can occur but hasn't is if you ship in a used box, that is 
grounds for any carrier denying a claim.  Cardboard deterioates over time 
and handling.  If a box has a ding in it then something new happens, you 
loose on a claim.  I read the UPS silte one time about packing for yourself. 
On the page directing you how to pack it explained it all including what 
type of material for the contents.  Then on another page devoted to claims 
it pretty much ruled out paying if you packed the way the first page 
described.  Talk about both sides of the mouth.

Years ago I had problems with UPS and switched my commercial account to 
FedEx when they were first starting.  I have never had a damaged box or 
contents with them.  However, where I live now, they will not pick up at my 
door, even for ground.  DHL has, in the past couple of years, has began to 
invade the territory and will pick up here.  The pick up charge is 3 dollars 
and they are a bit slower than either FedEx or UPS, but the boxes arrive in 
good condition.

The unknown for lighter packages is the US Post Office.  They don't charge 
for door pick up and require less documentation for claims.  They have never 
denied a claim I made, and I have only had two in over 5 years of the many 
packages I have sent by them.

Circumstances dictate what I do, unfortunately.

73  Jim

> Dave, W3ST said,
> Jim, I would highly recommend going to a lumber yard (Home Depot) and buy 
> a sheet of styrofoam insulation board. Cut and form around the unit to be 
> shipped.
> Thanks
> Dave and All,
> I strongly recommend exactly that. Depending on the location, white 
> styrofoam 8X4 ft sheets from 1/2 to 1 inch or more are available
> reasonably cheap. The Hi R pink dense type is real good but more costly. I 
> use both all the time along with double wall cartons or double boxing.
> It is all in the laws of Inertia. Isaac Newton I believe.
> Bill

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