[AMRadio] Delta mod monitor

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Sun Jul 23 20:05:49 EDT 2006

I have a friend who is a chief CE at some local and distant stations.
whenever they aquire new stations there is gear ussually available to me. i
have not been offered any 1kw monsters yet but if they ever come available,
it will more than likely be for the asking. IE they want it out of their
hair type deal. other goodies like processors mic's studio boards mod
monitors, etc. as they come available i will be sure to post them here :)

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> Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis --
> Are you the owner or other principal of a broadcast
> radio station? I'm glad you're getting from us a
> comprehensive range of packing and shipping advice for
> that Delta modulation monitor, and I'll be even more
> delighted if one of us buys the unit from you.
> You may not realize that this group is made up of
> radio hobbyists who favor AM as a vintage
> communications mode on the shortwave ham bands.  As
> such, the $1000 price tag is probably a little steep
> for those of us who often acquire entire broadcast
> transmitters free for the hauling!
> That said, if you indeed are associated with the
> broadcast industry and have occasion to disburse older
> equipment you think might be of interest to us, even
> if the "Delta" does not sell among us, please return
> to us with what you've got.
> Thanks for posting, and I hope this introduction is
> helpful.
> Paul
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