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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 24 14:33:42 EDT 2006

Rev. Chrysafis has posted a different model of
modulaion monitor elsewhere and provided this rundown
of his review process.


 I have a Belar AMM-1 and RFA-2 Set Available. I have
done a visual
inspection of the items inside and out. they are in
great condition inside
and out. I have replaced the HP style oval AC Jacks
with the new "D" Style 3
pin Computer Jacks. the job was done nice and neat. I
bench tested the AMM-1
Modulation function using a Radio Shack 70's Era
Navaho Base Station. it was
indicating about 90% neg. mod., positive mod. was over
133%. probably
typical for a CB Radio. (no hillbilly jokes please).
the RFA-2,i powered on
and checked various points on the board for voltage
indication. it seems
functional. no smoke or burned parts anywhere. the
RFA-2 is on 920khz., the
calibration stickers show a 1995 calibration date. the
RFA-2 has a sticker
on the rear that says do not short center of RF in to
ground. i'm assuming
this has the 15v phantom power option to use with
LP-1a Loop Antenna. I used
my meter to test for 15vdc on the rf-in and got no
idication of voltage on
the jack. I can supply pic's of both units on request.
i can take pic's of
any angle. I'm looking to get $600.00 Shipped Con-US.
assume they
will need calibration.

Thank You,

Rev. Robert P. Chrysafis
Universal Life Ministries (ULC)

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