[AMRadio] FS: Bogen DB-15, UTC S-22 Mod TF, Sig Gens, VOMs,

Robert Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Tue Jul 25 20:40:31 EDT 2006

Hi Don I would like to buy both of the David Bogen... am very familiar 
With them...Shipping to Dallas please and can I pay pal you???

Bob W1PE
rwpeters at swbell.net

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For Sale: Tube Electronics and Related Stuff. All
prices plus shipping.

David Bogen DB15 tube audio amplifier. The "David
Bogen" brand name was Bogen's mono Hi-Fi line and this
amp should not be confused with a PA amplifier--it was
designed for hi-fi home use. These were made for
custom installation and this one has been installed
into a classy light colored wood table-top
cabinet--not a home brew job. The cabinet is very
nice. The front panel of the amplifier is excellent.
And the bezel around it would be too but it has one 1
inch by 1/2 inch chip out of it. Untested but in very
good physical condition, with tubes (12AT7, 12AT7,
12AX7, 5Y3, 6L6, 6L6).  Has some dirt and could use a
cleaning but there's no rust or other ugly surprises.

David Bogen Model R640 (W25) matching AM/FM tuner for
the amplifier above. This is in a cabinet identical to
the one the amplifier is in with nice light wood and a
matching light wood bezel. Uses miniature tubes. Has
plug in the back for the amplifier (or maybe a
turntable?). Nice physical condition in every respect.
Needs a good cleaning. $39

C-30/ARC-5 control box. This is the push-button
control box that I think went with the VHF ARC-5 sets.
This one has a serious case of ugly with the paint
flaking off all over. So it will need repainted to
look good. $29 plus $8.50 flat rate box with tracking.

Pearce-Simpson "Gladding 25" 6-channel,
xtal-controlled 2 meter FM transceiver. Old, funky 2M
FM with crystals in 5 channels. Runs on 12VDC. With
mic and manual photocopy and power connector (Cinch
6-pin type). Notes taped to the top indicate that it
is working but one channel is out --D. Untested and
as-is. $29

Drake 2-BQ cabinet only. Someone cannibalized a Drake
2BQ and started to build something in it, then set it
aside--in water. So this is just the cabinet--no panel
or rear cover. And one side of the cabinet is rusty.
The other 3 sides are okay. 3 of the 4 rubber feet are
missing. Free--just in case anyone has a chassis
without a cabinet.

Cincinnati MD-5. Strange little blue hammertone box 3
inches high 10 inches wide and 7 inches deep. The
front panel has a 0-25VDC meter on the upper left. A
group of 3 ceramic rotary switches to right of the
meter are collectively labeled LOOP TUNING, with the 3
individual switches marked COARSE  MEDIUM  FINE. These
switches select varying amounts of capacitance,
obviously for some resonant circuit. The last control
on the upper right is a red, momentary contact push
button marked S  M  L. Below this push button is a
male 11-pin, octal-style plug, unmarked. There's also
a screwdriver-adjust pot marked SENS. Two holes where
something has been removed are marked  TUNE IND  and
CAP. DIS. The AC line cord also comes out the front.
Inside is what appears to be a sophisticated
transistorized transmitter? Receiver? Both? With a big
relay and a big 100.000kc xtal in a holder. 10
transistors are visible, all socketed. A tag on the
front says Model No. LECZ, Serial No. R1804, Freq. K.
C. 100.  Add all that up and I don't know what the
heck you have. But you can have this one for $10 plus
$8.50 flat rate box mailing.

UTC S-22 250 watt multi-match modulation transformer.
Gray wrinkle paint shows some age but otherwise
excellent condition. With connection chart showing the
possible tube combinations and so forth. $150

Heathkit G-5 Signal generator. Some marks on the front
panel. The cabinet is clean. A TV-type cheater-cord
socket has been mounted where the power cord would
normally come out in the back. Untested and as-is. $10

Realtone 9-Transistor hand held CB on channel 9. In
leatherette case. Untested and as-is. $5

G. E. Handheld CB radio on channel 11. Model Y7010B.
Dated Feb, 1966 on the back. $5

Sencore TRC-4 Transistor and Rectifier checker. Small.
One alligator clip missing. $5

Micronta (Radio Shack) 22-214 43-Range Multitester
(VOM). Brand new in original box and packing with
manual. 50K ohms/Volt on some DC ranges. $14.50 plus
$8.50 flat rate box mailing with tracking.

Same Micronta 22-214 meter, used with test leads.
Battery tag dated 1990. $9.50 plus $8.50 flat rate box
mailing with tracking.

GB Instruments GMT-12A very small handheld analog VOM
with mirrored scale and test leads, brand new in the
original packaging with manual. 2K ohms/volt. ACV and
DCV ranges top out at 500V. $5 each. 2 available.

GB Instruments GDT-11 small handheld DMM with LCD
readout. 500VAC, 600VDC plus MA up to 10A and ohms
ranges. Brand new in the original packaging with
manual and test leads. $10

Accurate Instrument Co Model 156 Genometer signal
Generator. 250kc to 120mc in 5 bands with key service
freqs shown in red like 456kc, 500kc, 3.579mc and
10.7mc. Has 300 cycle to 20kc variable audio for
direct output or for modulation. With RF attenuator
and scope sync input and control. Also has monochrome
dot/bar/crossbar output. Small desktop gray wrinkle
cabinet with handle on top and owner's name in magic
marker on bottom. $15

Micronta 22-4027 1Kohms/Volt multi-tester analog VOM.
Tiny handheld thing with test leads in original box
and packaging. Looks brand new. No selector
switch--leads plug into different terminals to get to
each range. $5

Micronta 22-212 2Kohms/volt 8-range multitester analog
VOM. Has selector switch. Brand new in original box
with packing and test leads. $5

Eico 612 filament continuity tester for octal, loktal,
7-pin and 9-pin miniature tubes. Has a mod on side
where 2 terminals have been brought out. $5

Simpson 260 Series 6 VOM. Dirty but working well.
Batteries are starting to corrode and need changed.
This is one of the most modern models of this gold
standard for VOMs.  $30 plus $8.50 flat rate box
mailing with tracking.

Simpson 260 original VOM. This is the original model
with no series number and pin jacks for connections.
Production date is 12/29/60. Has Simpson service tag
inside dated 1964. Good shape with no cracks. I
removed corroded batteries from inside this meter but
the corrosion is confined to several of the battery
terminals and will clean up easily (a teaspoon of
boiling water to the affected area (boiling--not just
hot), blow dry, clean connections and Deoxit spray
them, add new batteries and you should be good to go).
You may also want to change out that black beauty cap
in there while you're at it. With original manual that
is correct for this version of the 260. $11.50 plus
$8.50 flat rate box mailing with tracking.

Simpson 260 Series 5 VOM with bad meter, missing
selector knob, and with something rattling around
inside (I didn't look). As-is, for parts. $5

Partial roll of waxed cord for cable lacing. $2

Fluke TS-600 electrical tester. Brand new in the box
with instruction sheet. Designed for industrial
electrician use with attached probes and handle. LCD
readout. Also has ammeter clamp for reading amps by
clamping around wire. Reads up to 600V AC or DC. 
Checks continuity and low ohms up to 2K. Tough-cased,
handheld unit good for toolbox. Looks like updated
version of the old Amprobe. $21.50 plus $8.50 flat
rate box mailing with tracking.

Two Lafayette 99-5076 VOMs. These are Lafayette clones
of the Simpson 269--with the big, squat meter face and
50Kohms/volt sensitivity. One has a faded meter face.
Neither one works consistently.  Maybe make one good
one out of 2 bad ones? $4.50 plus $8.50 flat rate box
mailing with tracking.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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