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Fri Jul 28 23:46:43 EDT 2006

A bit of humor... please no flaming or arguing over this.
Life is short. Enjoy radio.


Mark W1EOF
> Dateline, Washington, DC
> The FCC today took what they described as an important new step to
> reduce QRM on amateur frequencies by setting standards for voice
> speeds. The docket #200-4U will become official in the Part 97 amateur
> regulations effective April First.
> Citing frequent complaints about "long, boring conversations" on the
> ham bands, especially 75 meters, the Commission moved to impose a new
> standard on voice operations requiring all conversations to be at a
> speed of "at least 200 spoken words-per-minute".
> The Commission in its ruling was especially critical of what they
> called "long winded, often endless conversations by old men talking
> about their prostate problems and other needs to get up and go to the
> bathroom several times during the night".
> FCC staffers say they have personally heard conversations about
> nothing that went for hours and tied up frequencies that could be used
> by faster talkers.
> Official Observer stations have received instructions to listen to
> suspect conversations and count the number of words-per-minute spoken.
> Those QSOs which fail to meet the minimum speed requirements will be
> noted and the operators involved will receive Official Observer
> Advisory Notices encouraging them to follow the rules or risk
> receiving notice of apparent violation citations from the FCC.
> Some hams in southern states complained the new regulation will impose
> a burden on them because they naturally talk more slowly than those up
> north.
> They are suggesting that frequencies be set aside for slow speed
> discussions concerning favorite countrymusic artists (particularly Don
> Williams), NASCAR, huntin' and feeshin' (particularly bass and brim).
> FCC says it may consider that in future rulemaking.
> In a separate press release, the American Radio Relay League said they
> are also concerned about two-meter operation where little is discussed
> except "full quieting and items to be picked up on the way home". The
> League said that sort of thing is boring and is usually spoken very
> slowly as well, far below the 200 words-per-minute minimum. The League
> suggested conversations on how to help raise more money for League
> activities would be especially welcomed and will be encouraged. Future
> issues of QST will contain special pull-out sections containing
> recommended topics for on-air discussion to brighten up QSOs.

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