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In that class of receivers, I prefer a 51J-4 or R-388 over both R-390 and SP-600. You get smooth tuning, great calibration accuracy, and a lot easier to work on. 

Ernie, k0occ 
Atlanta, GA

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> I know this may spark a geyser of opinions, but I am in need of 
> assistance. I'm shopping for a new (new to me) receiver and I'm mainly 
> looking at the SP-600 and R-390. I'm sure price will play a 
> considerable role in what I get, but I want to get the most bang for my 
> buck. What's your advice? Would you look at others? Are these as 
> good as they are cracked up to be? Of course, I'm talking about tube 
> type receivers only with AM as their primary mode. 
> Rick/K5IZ 
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