[AMRadio] Receivers

kenw2dtc kenw2dtc at comcast.net
Fri Jul 28 23:38:10 EDT 2006


In my opinion:

1.  You can't go wrong with an R-390 if you use the audio available at the 
diode detector into a decent amp and speaker AND you are going to park the 
390 on your favorite band.  If you are a short wave listener, you will soon 
tire of the hundreds of revolutions of the gears to get from a low frequency 
to a high one.  I had an R-390A and sold it for that reason.

2.  The R-388 is a great receiver.  On mine, I bring out the audio from the 
diode detector into a decent amp and speaker.  Alignment of the R-388 is 
easier than the 390.  I like my current 388 better than I did the 390-A.

3.  I'd like to tune a 51J-4 sometime and see how it compares to my 388.  I 
think the 51J-4 could be my ultimate tube receiver.

4.  The 75A-4 is another great receiver but the stock audio is poor.  Here 
again, bringing out the diode detected audio fixes thing up nicely.

I have no recent experience with the SP-600 to comment.


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