[AMRadio] Receivers

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Fri Jul 28 23:44:59 EDT 2006


Thanks for the reply.  You brought up some interesting points.  The bulk 
of my listening activity is on 160, 75 and 40 meters.  I seldom listen 
to short-wave broadcasts, so that won't come into play.  As for 
fidelity, I'm no spring chicken and my ears are not as sharp as they 
once were, (that's a bad place for an audio engineer to be) so I need 
clean audio.  I can always process it with outboard equipment to get the 
exact sound these old ears prefer.  I have at this time a great old 
HQ-180 that I use as my primary receiver.  However, it's more of a 
communications receiver than a ham receiver, so it's lacking in areas, 
but has beautiful audio.  I also use a National NC-183 that has 
fantastic audio.  Even though I have gone through it completely and 
spent hours getting the alignment exactly right, it still doesn't 
perform as well as I'd like.  I think it's doing all it was designed do, 
but that's not enough.

Thanks again for your questions and observations.  In light of my reply, 
what would you recommend?


W1EOF wrote:

>Rick - I think this can only be answered depending on what you are looking

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