[AMRadio] UPS Shipping

TChesek at Epix.Net tchesek at epix.net
Sat Jul 29 17:40:48 EDT 2006

My son worked part time for RPS before they became FedEx ground and his
stories were amazing. Mainly college age kids working for school money
loading and unloading trucks as fast as possible. He said that nobody paid
attention to those "Fragile, handle with care" or "Delicate" or "This Side
Up" or any other caution applied to the package. Packages were thrown and
bounced all over the place. Throughout  30+ years in field service I've
shipped and received many packages via all of the carriers. Ultimately it
comes down to what several others have stated and that is it will get there
intact if YOU pack it with extreme care. I can't remember of ever receiving
a package that was well constructed not arriving with the goods intact. At
one time Airborne, now DHL, was the laughing stock but now UPS seems to be
the target. Within the last year I have shipped many small to medium parcels
via USPS with TOTAL satisfaction. I guess it is a potshot at any given


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