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charles free mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 30 15:17:09 EDT 2006

My buddy received his rig recenly with the box
somewhat flat, with a set of dual wheel tire tracks
across the top.  UPS argued they had received it that

A company I order machine tool parts from, will not
send anything over 75 lbs via UPS even though UPS will
accpet 105lbs.  I tried to order a machinist vise for
my mill, and the dealer said it had to go by truck, a
$45 doller option, because UPS had a history of
damaging this 79lb piece of iron.  If UPS can damage
what amounts to just of hunk of solid iron, what do
you think it will do to you precious antique that
weighs in and around that amount?

I have used FedEx ground for years.  They are faster,
deliver on Saurday, usually the same price or cheaper,
and have never had a problem with them.

My company has an account with UPS.  One day, do to a
package confusion, I was in the truck looking for an
overnight package.  I found it, and next to it was
another for our company.  I asked if I could take that
one too, and he checked and said no, this was not an
overnight, it was a 3-5 day shipment.  It rode on the
truck for 4 days before he dropped it off.

A friend whose is a gun dealer here, also uses FedEx,
they will pick anything he has to ship for $4.  UPS in
its paranoia based corporate mentality, requires the
dealer to hand carry the firearm to a particular
person and hand it over at an exorbitant rate.  if
that fellow is off that day, you don't ship.

When I deal with a company who also sends one of those
prepaid mailer cards asking how they did, I always
request they give up on UPS and use FedEx, and I
always comment to UPS via email about their poor

The USPS outdoes UPS hands down nowadays too.  I
recently returned  a machine tool that the dealer sent
to me via UPS that took 6 days to get to me from
Atlanta, GA.  I returned it via the USPS, it arrived
in ATL in one day, and a credit appeared on my account
the second day after I mailed it.

Just a run down of my dealing with UPS.

Charlie, W4MEC in NC

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