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Sun Jul 30 20:15:28 EDT 2006

I've recently ordered several pieces of equipment from the same source
that came via FedEx at various times during a month or so and each box
looked as if it hadn't even been shipped.  Clean, no holes, bends or
impressions on the boxes at all.  I've also had good luck with DHL
recently too.

I've also found that I am a lot more willing to pay for faster
shipping these days since the longer the time that item is out there,
God only knows where, the better the odds are it will get damaged.

I've not been a happy camper with UPS for quite some time...

On 7/30/06, Jim Wilhite <w5jo at brightok.net> wrote:
> I was the manager of the Motorola Service Center near the interchange
> terminal in Mesquite, TX back in the mid 80's
> Your description is accurate.  But there are other things UPS people do that
> are absolutely outstanding to check the integrity of packages.
> I won't relay all the details, but I haven't  used them since then and won't
> unless they are the last resort.
> 73  Jim
> W5JO
> >
> >>That's because the warehouse guys pick a couple
> >>packages to play football with and yours might be one
> >>of them...
> >>
> >>Shipping boatanchors via UPS is like playing Russian
> >>roulette.
> >
> > I used to service electronic equipment at the American Airlines terminal
> > at Logan Airport in Boston.  One of the machines I serviced was located in
> > the luggage handling area.  It was not unusual to see guys come in ticked
> > off by something and grab a suitcase and slam it on the floor, or kick a
> > piece of luggage off the conveyor belt and then stomp it with all their
> > might.  I suspect UPS workers are no different.
> >
> > Don k4kyv
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