[AMRadio] HQ170A Problems

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Mon Jul 31 02:43:31 EDT 2006

Hello !

All this reveiver talk got me thinking about the HQ170 alignment that 
was a futile attempt recently.
   The receiver is in fairly nice condition but had some supply parts 
and the tubes pulled by an audio guy.
When everything was back in place about the only output was noise with 
occasionally something heard.
   Well, apparently a previous owner had attempted alignment or 
something as some of the slugs were cracked and locked in place.
Got all that straightned out with careful dismantling of the cans and 
replacement of the slugs with identical parts.
   Alignment went well untill noise appeared and the AVC line voltage 
went out the window even while turned off.
Anyone who has worked on one of these will probably agree that the 
bandwith switch is a bit of a tight item to work on.
   Unluckly it appears that one of the many brown silver micas wrapped 
around about three switch sections  is breaking down.
I've had the switch assm. out as far as it will go without removing 
wiring and can't locate which cap it is or any other problems.
   The noise shows up on the AVC line strongly around 2nd IF strip where 
the filter section is.
Has anyone had experience with the workings of these radios?
   It's not up on the bench now so can't immediatly reference anything 
but my memory for what it's worth.

On another topic.... Does anyone recognize this Gulf War period Solid 
State RF Driver/preamp module?
Several Pictures located at 

Any help would be appreciated !

Bill  KB3DKS/1
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