[AMRadio] Relay

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Thu Jun 1 14:55:50 EDT 2006

You're absolutely right, Mark.  I'm sure there is a work around, but I 
am trying to put it back as original as possible.  It may not be 
possible, but I want to give it a serious try.


W1EOF wrote:

>Rick -
>That's a latching relay. It's bi-stable with no power applied. Basically it
>is magnetically balanced such that when you apply power you "flip" the relay
>to the other state. Magnetics then hold it in that state. It may be a touch
>one to find. So you have two choices:
>1. Use a non-latching relay. I dont know what the ramifications are here. I
>assume they wanted the relay to "remember" it's state with power off for a
>reason. So you would need to determine how well a non-latcher
>would work for you.
>2. Use another latching relay. Definitely won't plug-in to the same spot. If
>it's tight and/or unsightly to replace you might be able to install a
>regular P&B relay in that socket and drive that relay with a latcher
>that is installed in a hidden location.
>Mark W1EOF

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