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Those are called stepper-relays. Each pulse energizes a solenoid which
pushes a small ratcheting lever. I've seen them on eBay but I'm not sure
when. The ones I've used would not be cabable of handling any kind of RF
power since they have small contacts. There might be some with power
contacts, I don't know.

A suitable work-around would be to use regular latching relays or latching
relays feeding large relays to switch the RF. Another possibility would be
to mechanically hook one up to an RF switch so that it rotates the switch
(n) degrees.

I'm not sure I see a huge advantage opposed to usign a rotary switch that
selects the proper relay mounted at the coil base. Or use a set of
pushbuttons that are setup in a bar such that selecting one de-selects all
the others.

A few ideas anyway.


Mark W1EOF

> >	There were some latching relays that were used in remote control TVs
> >a long time ago.  They were a kind of rotary thing and every
> time the relay
> >coil was energized the relay would go to the next position for a volume
> >advance.  There were generally 4 positions and the forth was POWER OFF.
> >These were low voltage DC coils which ran from a 20 Volts or less source.
> >
> I wouldn't mind having a functioning version of one of those, to change
> taps on my bug-catcher.
> Are there still any in existance, John?
> I wonder if Ken has any left, or did the flood(s) get all of that stuff?
> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR

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