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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Jun 1 23:31:09 EDT 2006

For Sale: Boatanchor Miscellany, Parts and Accessories


FLAT RATE BOX SECTION: The items listed below can be shipped in a US Priority Mail Flat Rate Box for $8.


International Crystal FCV-2. This is a 2-tube something-or-other with a crystal socket. If I had to guess, I’d suspect that FCV equals Frequency Converter. But I know nothing about this. Just the board with all parts mounted—no cabinet. Tubes are 6U8A and 6BZ7. $7


AMC Engineering Amcoder Model CWPR 3A. Small unit that is AC powered with 3 knobs, 2 toggles and 2 LEDs on the front panel. The knobs are labeled LOCK, TONE and VOL. The toggles are labeled ON/OFF and AUTO/NORM. The LEDs are labeled AC and CW. There’s a ¼ inch phone jack on the front labeled (you guessed!) PHONES. On tha back it has a cord coming out to a ¼ inch phone plug and an RCA jack, both of which are unlabeled. A tag on the bottom says OK 8/25/79. With “CW” in the model name and on the one LED, I’m thinking this is a keyer maybe? Or audio filter? $8 untested and as-is. 


Motorola CB Transceiver Tester Model S-1352A. This is a typical FWD/REFL power meter with a field strength function. Well-made. Looks like power is limited to 25 watts. $6


Pioneer Gen & Motor Corp Model 6290 Dyanamotor. Takes 32VDC and turns it into 350VDC. Probably 1930’s vintage. Looks good. Untested. As-is. $12


RCA UV-712 Audio Transformer, NOSB. I believe this was the first audio transformer made by RCA for radio construction. The box says “For use with Radiotrons UV-199, UV-200, UV-201A, WD-11, WD-12”. The box has a readable label. This is brand new, unused and what?—maybe 20 years away from being 100 years old? Sheesh. $75


Micronta (Radio Shack) transistorized DC power supply 0-20VDC at up to 200ma. Works. $10


Lafayette 99-2503 Grid Dip Meter with no coils. Made in Japan—probably by Trio. Nice physical shape. $9


Knight X-10 crystal calibrator with no crystal. Used but seems okay. Has tube. $10


9 unrelated coil forms. 2 Hammarlund 5-pin 1.5 inch forms. 3 Bud 5-pin 1.25 inch forms. 1 unknown 5-pin 1.5 inch form. 2 Bud 4-pin 1.25 inch forms. And lastly, 1 ICA 6-pin 1.5 inch form. All except the unknown form are used, with pins previously soldered to, though mostly they have no windings. Dirty but will clean up fine. $10/all


Military WWII ANB H-1 headphones with chamois ear cusions and vinyl headband. Used by Army and Navy during WWII. These are somewhgat dirty but in good original physical condition with the short cloth cord designed to be plugged into an extension cable for break-away in case the pilot had to bail out. $20 (2 sets available)


Military WWII aircraft break-away cable. This is the cable that the headphones above plug into. It has a JK-26 female on one end and a PL-55 male on the other. It’s about 5 fet long. This one is dirty and the cord is fraying where the JK-26 it attached. All that is needed is to shorten up the cord an inch or two and run this thing through a wet, soapy rag a time or two. $9


WA3TFS transmitter-receiver, uh….kit, I guess. This was  a privately-made and distributed transmitter-receiver plan/PC board set. It’s solid state. The TX is for CW on 80M I believe. It uses a 2N3053 in the final and 2N2222’s elsewhere. The RX is direct conversion for CW and SSB on 80 meters using a CA-3028A IC, MPF-102 and 2N2222. What I have here is the original plans on 5 pages with schematics and board layouts and 3 PC boards—one RX and 2 TX. These boards must have been made in the guy’s bathtub because they are very crude and undrilled. Most or all of the parts are here including the transistors, the CA-3028A IC, caps, resistors, transformer, variable cap, 2 88mh torroids, and the cores to wind the coils on. So if it rains a lot during the summer in your area, you might want to step back in time to, what—about 1978?—and build this thing. You probably have to supply a few parts here and there and a cabinet of some sort, plus a source of 12VDC to run the thing. $18


ACTUAL SHIPPING COST ITEMS (These can’t or shouldn’t go in a flat rate box)


Receiver R-11A covering 190kc to 550kc. This is one of the gray, post-war command set radios with no controls on the front—just connectors. This one is all original except that 2 pins on the center front connector have been jumpered with a soldered connection. Nice gray wrinkle paint with one mark on the tube cover. Like new inside. Loktal tubes. $20


Pomona 2712A 6JS6-6JM6 Cathode Current Test Adapter socket. $7 plus $2 padded envelope mailing.


Pomona 2599A 6JE6-6KM6 Cathode Current Test Adapter socket. $7 plus $2 padded envelope mailing.


Astron RS-12A power supply. 13.8VDC regulated, rated at 9 amps continuous duty. No meters. Looks and works good. $33


Military TS-375 VTVM. Post-war meter designed to be used with the URM-25 signal generators and similar military test gear. Green/gray navy wrinkle finish. With both probes but no power cord. The cover does not snap on tightly—it’s loose, I dunno why. $55


Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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