[AMRadio] Stock or modify? BC rig "value" -- Shorting Sticks

david knepper collinsradio at adelphia.net
Fri Jun 2 12:55:13 EDT 2006

I still have the shorting stick that I used in the Air Force.  It has a 
curved metal rod that you can hang over the high voltage lead, particularly, 
the filter capacitors.  The stick is made from hard phenolic about 1-1/2 
feet long.

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> W5OMR/Geoff wrote:
>> Donald Sanders wrote:
>>> 3 foot 3/4 inch wooden dowel or broom stick. Put a rubber bicycle handle 
>>> bar
>>> grip on one end. Use 1/2 to 1 inch braid 3 to 4 foot long with large
>>> alligator(crocodile) clip on one end and the other end soldered to a 
>>> large
>>> nail in the other end. That's how we made them back in the late 50's.
>> The one I have, was supplied by John/W5MEU(sk - RIP).  It is a phoenelic 
>> rod, about 2 feet long, with a threaded peice of metal that screws into 
>> the phoenolic, has a flat-washer, one end of 1/2" wide, stainless-steel 
>> clad copper braid, about 4 foot long, attached to the rig's front panel, 
>> and one of the screws holding in one of the decks.
> I must have been tired...
> it has a hooked peice of metal rod, that's threaded on one side.  Where it 
> threads into the phoenolic, is a flat washer against the rod and a jam-nut 
> to keep it secure.  There's another flat-washer on the nut, then the one 
> side of the 1/2" braid (which has a mounting flange, with a hole drilled 
> in it, soldered to the braid) lays on that flat washer, then another flat 
> washer, a lock-washer and nut, (mil-spec) and the other end of the braid 
> is secured to the cabinet by one of the mounting screws on the front of 
> the rig.
> Permantly attached, and is still there, to this day.
> --
> 73 = Best Regards,
> -Geoff/W5OMR
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