[AMRadio] Shorting stick

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Fri Jun 2 19:44:33 EDT 2006

...somewhar in the shallow recess of my mind I recall one was to wire 
jumpers accross the oil filed caps (meter terminals also) and this 
("rebound") is probably the reason why...    klc

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Date: Friday, June 2, 2006 5:27 pm
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> >From: abeck at xplornet.com
> >
> >I always thought you had to discharge though a high value 
> resistance to 
> >avoid
> >damaging arcs that would hurt the surface you were discharging 
> through a 
> >plasma
> >arc.
> >
> >I do remember using a shorting stick in a job I had 20 years ago.
> I don't know about a high  resistance, but I would be careful 
> shorting out 
> HV oil caps directly.  If a high value capacitor, 25 mfd or more 
> is fully 
> charged near its maximum voltage rating, sometimes a direct short 
> can blow 
> the terminal connection open inside the case and ruin the 
> capacitor.  I 
> would suggest a power resistor of several hundred ohms rigidly 
> mounted on 
> the business end.  First, discharge through the resistor, then 
> directly 
> (just in case that resistor happened to open, per Murphy's law).
> Also, I  have noticed that HV oil caps will sometimes "rebound" 
> after a 
> complete dischage and unexpectedly deliver a nasty shock sometime 
> later.
> Don k4kyv
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