[AMRadio] Shorting stick

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 3 11:15:28 EDT 2006

>"Mike Dorworth, K4XM" <k4xm at arczip.com>
>On a BC-610 using a external VFO, just kill exicitation, ALL METERS fall to
>ZERO, the B plus will go to 4000 VOLTS and if you have bypassed the
>interlock and touch the link you will be GONE, Forget the meters! Trust the
>stick!  I know!

As I recall the 610 doesn't have a plate voltage  meter.  Every rig should  
have one.  Even though it can fail, it offers one more stage of redundancy 
of protection.  When I shut off my plate supply and see the plate volt meter 
slowly drop back to zero, I can be 99+% sure there is no high voltage.  On 
my rig, all the grid and plate current meters drop to zero key-up on CW as 

That's one reason why all my HV supplies shut down on standby.  I don't like 
the idea of HV silently lurking in the rig when it's not in use.  If I ever 
did slip up, I think I would have a better chance of survival discharging a 
capacitor through my body, than serving as a load resistor on an active 
power supply.

Besides, keeping the HV on all the time often generates noise and hash in 
the receiver.

Don k4kyv


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