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Phil Galasso k2pg at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jun 3 12:35:40 EDT 2006

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From: "Harry Vaught, KT4AE"
> Youse guys?  Some sort of colloquialism I suppose, instead of the proper
> "y'all" or acceptable alternate, "you'uns".

"Y'all" and "you'uns" are part of the official national language of the
C.S.A., Southern English. "Youse guys" is Brooklynese, the official language
of a small part of W2-land centered on Brooklyn and including neighboring
counties of NY, as well as parts of Bergen and Hudson Counties, NJ. A key
feature of spoken Brooklynese (which VJB does not use on the air; in fact,
he would be an excellent announcer!) is the dropping of the letter "r",
especially at the end of a word. A Brooklyn Class E rig would have maybe ten
transistehs. Also, "th" is pronounced as "t", as in N.E. PA (see below).

VJB...You're from MARYLAND! Why are you writing in Brooklynese?

Phil K2PG
Now transplanted to N.E. PA, where "piggies" are cabbage rolls, "pasties"
(pronounced with a short "a") are a kind of Polish pastry, rather than
something worn by a showgirl, and "hayna?" is a derivative of "isn't it?" or
"ain't it?", a "boot" is a booth, the town of Throop is pronounced
"troop",...and where you can buy the worst pizza in North America!

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