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OK, just solved a myth about wet broom sticks being of high resistance. I
put a highpot to a 3 foot length of a broomstick, at 2200 volts I got the
alarm. I would not use a broom stick, even covered in black tape. Use a high
voltage glove if you fool with high voltages, weather it be ground or not.
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> My buddies. Never has so simple a subject gotten so much attention. I see
> extreme danger in using a resistor probe. Period.I have boxes of
> here that are brand new. Periodically I test them and find several wide
> open. Old age I guess since they show no damage, Some still in paper, some
> still in boxes. The broom handle suits me fine after 53 years as a ham. I
> was taught at Ft. Gordon to work with one hand in 1956, the other behind
> back. After 50 years, I still work with one hand behind my back even with
> volt stuff. Sure, a broom handle might have a little resistance. A Braid
> firmly bolted to ground at all time, no clips please, and attached to a
> bolt, nail or whatever firmly place in a broom handle is fine with me,
> remember the braid is GROUNDED and about a few milli ohms at most. The
> even soaked in water is in the thousands of ohms(megohms really) in
> to ground. The insulation of the handle only comes into play if YOU are
> grounded and the broom handle point is not. You will feel enough to get
> away. The idea is to stay alive and as a LAST chance. Use you best
> as to unplugging from the wall, watching meters etc.  Wrap some electrical
> tape around YOUR broomstick, it is 5 kV per thickness for Scotch 33 I
> If it does have to work, hopefully never, the braid does the work. At work
> we used personal locks, called lock out, tag out, and used shorting straps
> to keep some one else from re-energizing a circuit while we were working.
> This is NOT what I thought we were talking about here. I was talking about
> the last line of defense for something that we hope never works. For this
> grounded wire with no insulation would be better that nothing! For small
> stuff, 600 volts or less I have been known to use a jumper clip grounded
> chassis and moved about, sometimes a surprise results, not a shock! Do it
> your way..just do something and do not trust a meter or bleeder. I read
> of a simple 6 volt filament transformer killing a ham, It had a primary to
> secondary short and the frame was not grounded, contacting the 6 volt lead
> and ground killed him, no fuse blow but  line voltage was present.
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> > Flames coming.......ZZZZZZZAP.
> >
> >  Broom Handle?  wooden broom handle?  Thats living on the Edge
> > thats what you use  to play russian Roullette . Using that wooden stick
> > and you just may see
> > Jesus
> >   I would never use a wooden Broom  handle with a nail in it as
> > described below.
> > wood retains moisture and will bite you at 4000 volts.or less. Make sure
> > its a  non conductive Plastic or better yet Fiberglass pole/dowel...
> >
> >
> > Mike Dorworth, K4XM wrote:
> >
> > >Discharging is not the idea. If all is well it will NEVER discharge
> > >anything. A nail with a good hooked ground strap in a broom handle is
> > >perfect. This is to keep you from making a sudden trip to the hereafter
> > >only. If it should ever actually be called on to work you will normally
> > >holler out the name of the Christian Savior in a loud voice! This is
> > >folks in the business call them "Jesus Sticks!"
> >
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