[AMRadio] Shorting stick

Alan Cohen acohen at texas.net
Sun Jun 4 01:22:39 EDT 2006

> If the stick is solidly grounded (I don't mean an alligator clip  
> lead attached to a chassis point), why couldn't the shorting stick  
> be a solid conductor, for example, a brass or copper rod?
I was wondering exactly the same thing.  I suppose that if there is  
enough energy in the circuit -- if infinite current is available --  
one could have a real problem on their hands.  The ground wire would  
be vaporized leaving you connected directly to the circuit.  Of  
course, with the types of transmitters that we are talking about here  
the power supply is not capable of developing nearly that much  
current.  Still, since we are playing "You Bet Your Life"  it is  
probably best to not take chances.  The person who suggested PVC pipe  
has a good idea.  A piece of 1/2" PVC pipe is absolutely safe,  
readily available, cheap, and easy to work with.


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