[AMRadio] Previous Text

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 4 04:33:35 EDT 2006

When I told people whom I've recently busted for
including a distracting amount of previous text in
their responses, I mentioned how I don't subscribe to
any reflectors other than this one.

I then learned there is an established and accepted
practice of using previous text to form the context of
a reply.

That prompts me to call for a compromise on behalf of
those who write and complain about the use of previous
text. It's up to us on the list to find that
compromise out of consideration for others, please.

Once Upon a Time, in the days of the IBM Selectric,
correspondence never included a quotation of previous
text. Nor did it take place in handwritten personal
exchanges of notes.  

The use of previous text is a relatively recent thing
related to word processors. I'm in the camp who
believes it has caused writers to be a little lazy in
not taking the time to concisely paraphrase what it is
they're responding to.

As in years past, that kind of a summary is all it can
take to establish the subject and provide a response.

Thanks for considering -- it's a request, not a rule.


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