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Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Jun 4 14:12:42 EDT 2006

Well, I'm kind of betwixt and between on this part.  I too owned and 
operated (Sysop was the buzz word then) a BBS back in my Commodore 64 
days called "The Vine" which used a similar method of posting.  I guess 
to be absolutely fair, it would have been more accurate for me to say a 
mixture of the two techniques would be a good solution.  Personally, the 
"block copy" style doesn't bother me, but neither does the other 
method.  I guess all in all my goal is to get the information and how it 
is presented is of little concern to me.  So, Paul, I agree and Geoff, I 
agree.  Tell me I wouldn't make a dandy politician! 

The important thing is the exchange of information.  So, however it's 
presented is fine.  If it keeps down the bickering to use this method, 
fine with me. 


> I am just not in complete agreement with that, Rick (and everyone).

> OMR> No, sir.  Not in anyway recent.  Modem controlled Landline 
> bulletin board systems (BBS's) have been around for a long time.  I 
> owned and operated...

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