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Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 4 16:26:01 EDT 2006

I usually snip the original text, leaving just the relevant sentences or 
prhases, for clairity of what I am responding to.  I'd rather spend the time 
to carefully compose and proofread my response, than to rephrase what has 
already been written.

I have found that composing takes a lot of time.  I can write a couple of 
paragraphs of message, in what seems like maybe 10 minutes, and then look at 
the clock and see that actually 30-45 minutes has gone by.  Maybe that's 
just me, though.

What I find objectionable is when someone copies the entire message 
verbatum, often including all headers, over their reply.  That is wastful of 
inbox space, and makes the messages tedious to read.

I know it's easy to forget and  hit the reply button before deleting or 
editing the original text, since most e-mail programs are set up to send 
back the original text by default.  As I recall, that default setting can be 
changed on most progs.

Don k4kyv

This message was typed using the DVORAK keyboard layout.  Try it - you'll 
like it.

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