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Ferris 22A Signal Generator. Covers 85kc to 30mc in 7 bands. Metered output is adjustable from 0 volts to about 1.5 volts in microvolt steps. Selectable modulation. Nice steel back wrinkle cabinet. Dial window has yellowed and cracked. Top-quality pre-war HF signal generator. Seems to be all original. Untested and as-is. $30


Heathkit IG-102 RF Signal Generator. Covers 110kc to 110mc in 6 bands. No metering. Looks great. All original. Untested. As-is. $20


Heathkit Sixer HW-29A lunchbox 6-meter transceiver. Needs some cleaning but will clean up to excellent original condition. With original power cord, original manual,  and original microphone. $50


James Millen 90652 Solid State Dipper covering 1.7mc to 300mc in 7 bands. With all coils, original manual and original plastic carry-case with the green Millen “gear” logo on the side. Foam rubber holding coils has deteriorated and will need replaced at some point, though it is useable as it is. Beautiful condition. $50


Homebrew electronic antenna switch--at least I think that’s what it is. It’s a small aluminum case with a single 12AU7A and associated parts inside. The front panel has a band switch marked for 80-10 mters, a TUNE control (variable cap), a power switch and pilot light. On the back are 3 SO-239 connectors, one marked TX, one RX and one unmarked (presumably ANTENNA). There’s an AC line cord and a GROUND connection. Untested. As-is. Will probably come right up. $12 plus $8 flat rate box


Collins 70E-2 PTO from the military ARR-15 transceiver--just the PTO in the shielded can with the 12SJ7 metal tube sticking out. None of the dial parts are present including the dial shaft. As-is. $8


Early WWII military radio receiver RU-15 with coil set CBY-47146A covering 200-400kc and 4.79 to 9.1 mc in 2 bands. With MC-127 spline tuning knob. This also has the CBY-23096A reciever switch box and a wiring harness that connects it to the RX using the original connectors. The wiring comes out to a six-pin tube socket for connection to your power power supply (no power supply is included). This has come paint flaking but is an excellent example of an early war aircraft receiver. Very classy. $125


Leeds and Northrup decade resistor. This is one of those classic wooden test boxes with scads of brass fittings on top of a hard rubber panel. The circular contacts are arranged in 5 rows of pairs labeled 0 through 9 and brass pegs are provided, that when placed properly, can select any resistance from 0.1 ohm to 10,000 ohms. Unfortunately, I think there should be 5 brass pegs and there are only 4. The unit is in beautiful shape with no corrosion or rust and wood excellently finished. The brass tag says “Chem Dept 108 C.I.T.” which probablky stands for Carnegie Institute of Technology--the early name for Carnegie Mellon University here in Pittsburgh. As-is. $30


Another wooden Leeds and Northrup thing with a hard rubber panel. This is slightly larger than the one above. It has 2 huge nickel-plated binding posts on the left marked E.M.F. and two more on the right marked P. Both sets have polarity marked  +  and  - . In the center of the panel is a rotary switch with 5 exposed contacts. The switch arm has a bar on it that makes sure that it makes one contact befor breaking the next. Three positions on the switch are marked 10 100 1000. The wooden box has ventilation holes so whatever is inside must generate heat when EMF is applied. Nice condition. No tag. $30


J-38 key. Some pitting and dirt. $10


Military WWII Signal Corps BC-652-A tank radio receiver covering 2-6mc in two bands plus a VLF band. This one has had an AC power supply built into the top section where the dynamotor was with on/off switch, fuse and line cord. Also one of the small knobs is wrong. The black has been oversprayed lightly so that the engraved markings around the controls are still visible. Overall, the look is good and close to original. $90


Military WWII T-17 microphone made by Western Electric in 1942. Metal. Good. Original. $22


Military WWII T-17 microphone made by Shure in 1943. Good original. Plastic. $18


Military R390/390A set of original covers--top and bottom. Good shape with the usual scrapes. $50


Military R390/390A set of original meters with the metal frames as used on the R390 but no mounting screws. Good. $50


R-390 (not A) parts available. I have a complete set of R-390 (not A) modules including the PTO, RF, IF, connecting cables, tubes, shields, gears, knobs, handles and all. Sell all or individual parts. Please inquire. 


Military WWII Signal Corps BC-348-R HF receiver covering 200-400kc and 1.5-18mc . The front panel is all original. This has had an AC supply built inside and has an AC line cord coming out the connector hole in the rear. With shock mount. Untested. As-is. Looks very good or excellent. $165


Another military WWII Signal Corps BC-348-Q HF receiver covering 200-500kc and 1.5-18mc . The front panel is mostly original but the dial light control has been replaced with an on/off toggle switch and the antenna binding posts have been replaced with an SO-239. This has had an AC supply built inside and has an AC line cord coming out the connector hole in the rear. No shock mount. Untested. As-is. Looks good overall. $105


Military Signal Corps Radio Rec-Xmtr RT-176/PRC-10 made by Admiral Corporation in 1952, mounted on Amplifier/Power Supply AM-598/U also made in 1952 with a 1968 repair tag on it. The cable that connext the radio to the amplifier is included. The power cable that connects to the amplifier is included (though the cable is not original--just the connector), and the LS-166/U speaker is included. Just add microphone, antenna and shock mount and this is ready to g onto your Korean-war era jeep. Looks really good with clean paint. All original. Untested. As-is. $145


Another military Signal Corps Radio Rec-Xmtr RT-176/PRC-10 , mounted on Amplifier/Power Supply AM-598/U. The cable that connects the radio to the amplifier is included. But there is no power cable and no speaker Paint has many scuff marks on it. All original. Untested. As-is. $95


Homebrew mast-mount 2 meter preamplifier relay box. This has a solid state 2 meter preamplifier inside an aluminum enclosure with mast brackets on one side. The preamp is an Advanced Receiver Research P144VDG. Two relays switch the preamp in and out. Each relay has 3 N connectors on it. One N connector sticks out of the box on each relay and the two exposed N connectors are marked XMTR and ANTENNA. The only other connection is a military power connector ,marked +25VDC and GROUND. The mating plug is included. It’s all wired together using the best connectors and cable. There’s a little circuit to drop the voltage down for the preamp (which you would suspect wants 13.8vdc or some such). Made to near-commercial standards. The parts alone must have cost a pretty penny. $30


Gertsch Model PT-1R Standard Ratio Transformer. This is a 10.5 inch high 19 inch rack panel unit that is only 3 inches deep. The panel has 2 sets of binding posts, three rows of 10 push buttons marked   X.1   X.01  and   X.001, plus  a turns-counter dial marked X.0001. Instructions are engraved on the front panel. I am guessing this was for experimenatlly figuring out and exact transformer match between two (probably audio) devices?? Try your guess for $30.


Radio Literature


RSGB VHF-UHF Manual by G. R. Jessop, G6JP, 1971, about 300 pages, paperback. Superb content covering tubes and transistors with all those great RSGB line drawings for help building the projects. Excellent book. $12


Servicing by Signal Substitution, 1940, as revised to 1953, Precision Apparatus Co. This is basically a manual for the Precision E-200 signal generator. It includes detailed directions for using that unit as well as a schematic. But the technique described could be used with any signal generator. Very well written. Paperback, 120 pages. Good shape. $8 (3 copies available)


Thordarson 344-C Transmitter Guide, 1937, large format, 48 pages. This is transmitter projects of every sizes and description wit pictures diagrans and parts lists featuring Thordarson transformers. These Thordarson guides rank with the Stancor Hamannuals as among the most interesting transmittter project plans published during the 1930’s. This copy is in really great shape and not fragile. $22


James Millen Radio Engineers and Manufacturers 1939-40 Catalog. A bit dirty with tears in some pages. $10


James Millen, Notes On Amateur Radio Transmitter Design, 1938, paperback, the text is 61 pages. Then follows another 60-70 pages of National bulletins including The New HRO Receiver, Instruction Manual For The National NC-100 Receiver, National Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Type CRM, and then a complete National 1938 catalog. Excellent condition. $24


ARRL Hints and Kinks Volume 9, 1975, near-mint, could be on the rack at your local jobber. $8


ARRL Learning The Radiotelegaph Code, Sixth Ed., 1951. Covers torn and loose. Free with any purchase.


Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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