[AMRadio] ground sticks again

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Amen to that Dave!  In an earlier life, I was a Broadcast Engineer for about
15 years.  During that time, I worked on everything from 250 watt AM to 50KW
AM and on to 100KW ERP FM transmitters.  I've worked with virtually all the
known manufacturers gear from Raytheon to RCA and Collins to Continental
(one in the same).  Not once, not ever, did I see a grounding stick with a
built in bleeder resistor in any of those transmitters.  And there was a
very good reason for that - none of the manufacturers wanted to deal with
the lawsuit that would have resulted from an Engineer being killed by such a
dangerous idea.

When I worked on a transmitter, I always kept a bunch of new clip leads
available at the transmitter site.  After touching all the high voltage
points in the transmitter with the shorting stick, I would keep the shorting
stick on each high voltage point while I used a clip lead to short the point
to ground.  The transmitter would stay that way until I was ready to return
it to service.  

I would much rather know instantly (from the spark and noise) that I have an
open bleeder resistor.  I can always go buy another pair of underwear.  

Bottom line - There is no component, no matter how rare or expensive, that
is worth a human life.  

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If anything, these discussion only point out that ownership of a broadcast 
transmitter is one thing; but it is another to modify, restore, and operate 
one by only those who know what they are doing!

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