[AMRadio] Vermont Governor Signs Amateur Radio Antenna Bill

Jim Miller WB5OXQ wb5oxq at grandecom.net
Sat Jun 10 11:44:27 EDT 2006

I figure if you want to have such antennas you should not choose to live in 
a restricted area.  I live in a very nice upper middle class area at the end 
of a cul de sak and I have 2 50' towers with a force 12 c3 and a 2 meter 
dual polarity beam on 1 and a dual band vhf uhf vertical and dipoles on the 
other.  There were no restrictions on this property and the city does not 
say anything unless you wish to go way over 50'.  My neighbors have never 
complained to me about my antennas or any interference to their equipment 
when I am on the air. I have lived here since 1990 and these homes were 
built in 1980.   There are areas where antennas are restricted so I would 
find somewhere else to live if I wanted to be a ham. Why insist and be hated 
by all your neighbors.  It just doesn't seem worth it.   I do not believe 
however in states or cities banning antennas all over town.  That infringes 
on our rights to be hams.  That is what I expect such a bill is to protect.
WB5OXQ and xyl KA5EPM

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> "I am wondering how the PRB-1 would play out in a deed restricted 
> property?"
> Check out this video:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC_EeWSKJII&eurl
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> Ken W2DTC

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