[AMRadio] Tower Construction

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 10 13:54:41 EDT 2006

>From: "david knepper" <collinsradio at adelphia.net>

>I am thinking about buying a stick of Rohn 55G in cement with about 3 or 4 
>feet sticking out of the ground.  I wonder how many sections of 55G I could 
>mount without guys.  I do have a strong base plate for the 55G but 
>cementing a section seems to be sturdier.

If you are not going to use guys, you need to bury the base section.  But if 
you do use guys, it would be sturdier to use the base plate, to allow the 
tower to sway and twist at the base during strong windstorms.  That would 
relieve stress on the tower structure that would otherwise result from a 
base section rigidly mounted in concrete.  That's why most large guyed 
towers use a base plate and pier pin.

Don k4kyv

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